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    2.The Dumplings’ eyes grew round. “An’ s’all us ‘ave bekspup on ze big s’ip?” asked Lallie, the elder of the twins.
    3.“No, really, Richard! this is too much,” cried Mary, and bounced up from her seat. “For GOODNESS sake, let me manage my own affairs! To hear you talk, any one would think I was still a child, to be told what I may and mayn’t do — instead of a middle-aged woman. I’m quite able to judge for myself; yes! and take the consequences, too. But you blow me up just as if I wasn’t a person for myself at all, but only your wife. Besides, I think you might show a LITTLE confidence in me. I shan’t disgrace you, even if I am fool enough to bring two people together again who were once so fond of each other. Which you seem to have quite forgotten. Though your own common sense might tell you. Tilly’s alone in the world, and has more money than she knows what to do with. And he has none. I think you can safely leave it to her to look after her own interests. She’s a good deal sharper than any of us, you included. And Purdy, too. You sneer at him for an ostler and a ne’er-do-well. He’s nothing of the sort. For six months now he’s worked hard as a traveller in jewellery.” (“Ha! . . . THAT explains the sham diamonds, the rings, the breastpins.”) “There you go! . . . sneering again. And here am I, struggling and striving to keep the peace between you, till I don’t know whether I’m standing on my head or my heels. And as far as you’re concerned, it’s not the least bit of good. I think you grow more selfish and perverse day by day. You ought to have lived on a desert island, all by yourself. Oh, I’m tired . . . sick and tired . . . of it and of everything!”— and having said her say, passionately and at top speed, Mary suddenly broke down and burst out crying.
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